Why Are Basketball Players Arrogant? (We Found Out)

Is it just me, or are some basketball players arrogant?

This is a valid question if you’ve ever felt the same.

The truth is some basketball players are arrogant, while some are humble. But they may seem arrogant because the sport involves lots of emotions. Plus, they’re in the spotlight many times where their every action is magnified.

In this article, you’ll know the reasons why a lot of them seem to be arrogant.

Why are Basketball Players Arrogant?

There’s just something different about players, especially in the NBA, where they make millions a year. Be it their arrogant attitude or action, many fans hate players, especially the arrogant ones.

But are they truly arrogant? Or does it just seem like it to fans?

To find out, we’ve listed the most probable reasons why they come out as boastful.

1. Because basketball involves emotions

Most sports involve a lot of emotions, both from players and fans. It’s what makes the game interesting, after all.

Without emotions, there aren’t many reasons to persevere or support your team. Imagine an NBA Finals series where two teams couldn’t care less about who wins. It doesn’t sound exciting anymore, right?

That’s why when players show emotions, it will come off as arrogant to some, especially when they’re too much. Take, for instance, the cocky celebrations of players like Kyrie Irving flipping fans (which is too much).

But other than that, emotions are important in sports in general.

2. You can’t get to the league without being confident

As much as basketball players claim to be humble, they also have a confident side. After all, they can’t get to the biggest basketball leagues in the world without being confident.

But they’re not just being confident for the sake of it. Most of them have the skills to back them up.

For instance, Kobe Bryant once said that he doesn’t pass the ball to his teammates because he doesn’t believe in their work ethic. It sounds so selfish for most fans but for Kobe, who had to play on a broken finger – it’s the truth.

3. Because they may trash talk

When people see trash talks and even fights on courts, they may quickly dismiss that the players are arrogant.

Again, we go back to the point that emotions run high in most sports including basketball. So, it’s normal to see trash talks between players so long as they keep it within the court.

What’s not normal is badmouthing a player’s family or involving fans in it.

4. They may ignore fans

Most basketball players are kind enough to sign autographs here and there. But when a player didn’t want to do it one time because he was tired, people would call them arrogant.

A lot of people don’t understand that not everyone is the same. As such, we can’t expect players to oblige fans all the time.

That said, it’s not good for players to ignore fans always. There should be a healthy balance.

5. They make a lot of money

NBA players are some of the best-paid athletes in the world. Their average salary is $7.5 million!

So, most of them can’t help but show off their new cars, mansions, and designer watches whenever they can.

We can’t blame them too much since they made money through their skills and efforts. But for some people, they may just seem like needless bragging.

It’s their money, so they can do whatever they want. But it’s a fact that fans appreciate kind acts more than bragging riches.

Most Arrogant NBA Players

Nowadays, there are a lot of humble guys in the NBA. But there are also cocky ones that are still playing.

But who are the most arrogant players ever to play?

1. Kobe Bryant

When Kobe came into the league, his aura and demeanor were different. His sky-high confidence enabled him to propel the lakers to five championships.

His arrogance on the court is unmatched since he rarely passes the ball. Though we can give him a pass thanks to his incredible accolades, his trash-talk game won’t be forgotten.

2. Michael Jordan

Touted as the Greatest Of All Time, Jordan has had a lot of altercations with players of his time. He even once punched his teammate Steve Kerr during practice.

But perhaps one of his most mean moments was when he prompted Muggsy Bogues to shoot the ball, calling him a “midget.” After that, Muggsy was never the same, and his career flatlined.

3. LeBron James

In 2012, LeBron James dared to air an hour-long show just to tell people where he’ll be playing next. At the end of it, he said he’d be taking his talents to South Beach, the Miami Heat.

Although that was a bit excessive, LeBron is the last on this list because he’s generally kind. He doesn’t have a bad reputation for affairs or fighting with other players all the time like some guys.

Should Players be Arrogant?

However godly their skills seem to be, NBA players are just humans like you and me. Many came from nothing and earned their spot in the NBA through hard work.

So, we can’t deny that they have some bragging rights. But when they take it too far, especially toward fans, is when things start to break.

As such, it’s fine for players to be a little confident and even trash talk, but they should keep it within the court. Their arrogance should only be used to fuel their game and not to become personal with others.

After all, we can’t watch a game where all the players are Kawhi Leonards who just let their game talk. As much as watching a game is fun, getting fired up for a game is even more fun.

Final Thoughts

Basketball players, particularly NBA players, are some of the most popular athletes worldwide. So, some of them may be arrogant while the rest aren’t.

This is true in most sports, as sports involve a lot of emotions. But what shouldn’t be tolerated is their cockiness off the court.

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