Why do Basketball Players Walk Weird? (This is Why)

You might have seen some videos, or you know some basketball players who have a certain walk.

Are you curious as to why they do that?

According to our research, basketball players tend to walk weird because they may have an injury, their whole body is sore, or they’re tired. Most players do it unconsciously which has become a habit over time.

Why do basketball players walk weird?

You might notice that a lot of basketball players walk like they’re tip-toeing. There are a lot of memes circulating in TikTok about how high school basketball players tend to walk.

Yes, it might be weird to see for people who don’t play sports. But here are the reasons for the walk:

Reason #1: They have sore body

The most probable reason for this weird walk is that they have a sore body. You see, when your whole body is sore from playing, it becomes hard to walk normally.

You slouch and your legs would even point inwards since it’s comfortable. Since basketball is a tough contact sport, players who play a lot will experience soreness after a game.

Reason #2: They’re tired

Another reason would be because the players are too tired. Have you ever walked home tired before?

If so, you might notice that your posture wouldn’t be straight, and you would even mimic the weird walk that players do.

Since basketball is a tiring physical sport, it makes sense for their walk after a game to look like that.

They’re probably conserving their energy for the next game or just to get home.

Reason #3: Their body got accustomed to those positions while playing

Lastly, it may be because those positions are what they’re naturally doing in basketball.

For instance, the pigeon-stance where the player’s feet are pointing inward is a common shooting position.

There are also basketball players who walk like they’re running slowly. Their arms will do swing a little bit sideways while jogging. This is how they run in the game when they’re tired.

So, even if they’re not playing a game, their body may have grown accustomed to these positions that it became a habit.

Do basketball players have a certain walk?

Yes, a lot of basketball players walk in certain way which would look lazy or weird. They would either jog lazily or walk pigeon-toed.

There are even players who can’t resist shooting imaginary balls or doing crossovers on some people.

Why do basketball players drag their feet?

When you see a basketball player dragging their feet, they’re probably tired, injured, or sore.

Basketball is a tough sport to play, and players do a lot of plays that can make their whole body sore. After a game, even just the act of walking may be tiring for most players.

How do NBA players recover so fast?

A lot of basketball players walk weird, but they seem to only affect college, high school, and other players. How come NBA players don’t do this walk?

It’s because they have proper conditioning and exercising routines. They also have dedicated coaches that will help them always manage their bodies.

They know that their body is their investment which is why they take great care of it. Which is why even if they play 82 games plus a season, they don’t seem to get tired easily.

Combine that with their state-of-the-art equipment, gyms and body-strengthening methods and their body turns to a Greek god.

How to stop walking weird?

This walk isn’t all that bad, but you might get teased by others. So, if you don’t want that, then you’ll need to start thinking like an NBA player.

Make sure that you properly stretch your whole body before and after games. This makes sure that your body doesn’t experience soreness.

Also, make sure to eat some bananas and at least eat 2 hours before a game. This will provide you with more energy and lessen the chance for injuries.

Lastly, always make sure that you’re aware of your posture while walking.


Now you know that most basketball players just have a sore body which makes their walk look strange. But some players just walk like that since it looks cool.

Whatever the case, there’s no harm in doing it.

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