Are There Magnets In NBA Balls And Hoops?

How can Steph Curry casually hit logo-threes every single game?

Or how about buzzer beaters? Are they just that good? Or are there magnets in the NBA?

The truth is, there are no magnets in the NBA balls and hoops. The NBA is the highest basketball league in the world and they’ve attained this through decades of stellar performance.

To debunk this myth once and for all, we’ve listed four valid reasons why there aren’t magnets in the league. Let’s dive right in.

Why Fans Think There are Magnets in the NBA

There are a lot of reasons to doubt the realism of the NBA much like other sports.

This is because there have been so many moments that’s so surreal that they must have been scripted.

For instance, Kawhi Leonard’s buzzer beater shot in the game 7 of the NBA playoffs was one of the most dramatic moments in history.

The two teams were tied at 90 and there were only 4.2 seconds left in the clock. They inbounded the ball to Kawhi, and he made a high jumper guarded by Embiid.

But instead of the ball going in cleanly or missing it, the ball in dramatic fashion, bounced a few times before going in. Then the Raptors went on to win their first-ever NBA finals.

A lot of NBA fans obviously 76ers, were upset and they even accused the ball of having magnets.

This and many more buzzer beaters and upsets in history seemingly make it as if the NBA is rigged. But what is the truth?

4 Genuine Reasons Why There Aren’t Magnets in the NBA

A lot of people are saying that the NBA has magnets, but there are also many valid reasons why there aren’t any.

To convince these people once and for all, we provide these arguments:

1. They are just that good

We have to remember that the NBA is the highest basketball league in the world. Millions of players are dying to get in every year but only a handful gets selected.

Even if you get in the NBA, there’s no guarantee that you’ll stay for long. Players must constantly improve to keep playing.

So, there’s just no reason to use magnets when the players themselves are too good. They can make shots anywhere and some have even dunked from the free throw line.

They’ve proven that they’re the best when it comes to basketball so it would be an insult to even say that there are magnets. They literally have this as their job.  

2. It would all be too complicated

Let’s say that they’ve managed to successfully configure magnets in both the balls and the hoops.

Now, that doesn’t explain the missed shots. So, they’ll need to have a remote that would activate the magnet whenever they want.

But there should also be people who will monitor and decide when to activate the magnets.

But what if they make a mistake and activate the magnet on the wrong player?

There are just too many variables to keep and there would be an unimaginable work to this than to not have magnets at all.  

3. Not everyone would keep quiet about it

Let’s say that the NBA has somehow added magnets and not a lot of people know about it.

There will still be staff responsible for maintaining it and activating them. So, would a multi-billion league trust all of its staff to keep this secret for a long time?

Probably not since there are just too many variables that can happen.

Plus, there would already be an expose about it now, wouldn’t there?

4. There are better ways to rig the NBA

If someone wanted to rig the games, there are infinitely better ways to do it than magnets.

For instance, they can tell a ref to make more foul calls for their team so they can score more free throws.

In fact, this is what happened in the 2007 NBA betting scandal that Tim Donaghy, a referee was part in. He used his knowledge and connections to bet on games and also sold information for cash.

In the end, he was found guilty and sentenced to 15 months of prison time. But this is an isolated case, and the NBA has vowed for this to never happen again.

Plus, if the NBA were to make the games unfair, then the authorities would smell it easily.  


What are NBA balls made of?

The NBA balls are made of genuine leather. They’re made by Wilson which is the official basketball partner of the NBA.

Are NBA Balls Slippery?

No, it’s made to allow for some grip. But when it’s wet, it can be slippery which is why they may wipe the ball or even change it in a game.

Why are NBA balls brown?

The NBA used brown-colored basketball before the late 1950’s. But now, they’re orange so they can be seen better by everyone.   


The NBA doesn’t have magnets on its hoops and balls. They want to maintain fairness for all the teams, and they’ve done it for decades.

Plus, there are numerous reasons that debunk this myth once and for all.

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