How Do NBA Players Not Get Tired? (Secrets Revealed)

Why do NBA players seem to not get tired?

NBA players train for years to build their stamina by running, cycling, and doing cardio. They also eat healthy food, exercise, and get proper sleep. During the game, they also know how to pace themselves.

But if they have a lot of stamina, why do they still get injured a lot? We find that out and more below.

How do NBA Players Not Get Tired?

While it may look like NBA players are used to the tiring nature of the sport, they also get tired. But they can last longer than average people because of a lot of reasons.

These players have trained a lot their whole lives, so it makes sense for them not to get tired easily. Not to mention, their full-time job literally is to play basketball. So being tired has no place in the highest basketball league.

With that said, here are the reasons we found out why NBA players seem to have unlimited energy.

1. They have a lot of stamina

Stamina is the ability to sustain a physical effort for long periods of time. It’s basically the ability of players to last on the court without getting too tired to play.

First, most NBA players have been playing basketball since they’re kids. A lot of them grew up with basketball background so it makes sense that they’re already used to the harshness of the sport.

But beyond that, they train their stamina to the limit. They regularly walk, jog and cycle for miles to build their cardio.

Plus, even when they’re just practicing, they run a lot, so their stamina becomes higher. When you’re in the NBA, having a lot of stamina is considered the bare minimum.

But even if you have a lot of stamina, it will still get depleted. That’s why they implement other things as well.

2. They know how to pace themselves

NBA players are masters at pacing themselves. Although basketball requires you to constantly move a lot and make contact, there are times for rest.

Players only get a small amount of rest during timeouts, so they must maximize their energy for the most important minutes.

That’s why they usually slow down when there’s a free throw attempt, an out of bounds, or when there’s a call by the referee.

They rest whenever they can when there’s a stoppage of play. They also don’t run at full sprints all the time. If they did, they won’t last the whole game.

This is the reason why there are players whose job is to solely focus on one aspect: offense or defense. Think of shooters such as JJ Redick. His primary job is to get open and shoot.

They know that defense isn’t his greatest strength which is why they focus more on his shooting.

3. They sleep a lot

Athletes in general know how important a good sleep is. They typically aim to sleep eight to ten hours per day. They also take naps whenever possible.

Sleep plays a vital role in an NBA player’s longevity. By being well rested, their bodies and mind can perform to their maximum potential.

Since all they’ll do is play basketball, sleep will come easy. But in the regular season, they’ll sleep a lot in the plane or the bus.

As much as exercise is important, rest is equally necessary. Even Kobe Bryant who was one of the hardest workers admitted that he should’ve slept more.

4. They have proper diet and exercise

NBA teams help their players with a lot of their needs. One of the things they provide are gym and basketball equipment.

Players can train with the best equipment possible to maximize their growth. They train not just their cardio but also strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Along with exercise, they also have the most nutritious diets to keep themselves healthy. They usually have food trainers that will instruct them on what to eat.

Combine these two and you’ll have the best foundation to play basketball. Therefore, you see NBA players having huge muscles, toned abs and incredible athleticism all the time.

Even seemingly petite guys are incredibly fit! Steph Curry doesn’t look big, but he can still defend and run around the court all the time.

What is a Typical NBA Player Schedule

A lot of people say that being an NBA player is easy since they get paid millions playing the game they love.

While that’s true in some respects, they also put in a lot of effort in their jobs. It’s not exactly a job that anyone can just do. That’s why there are only 450 NBA players in all 30 teams.

So, you might be wondering what exactly does an NBA player do in a day or a week?

Here’s what their schedule typically looks like.

Game day: Practice, go over the scouting report, get treatment from staff and head over to the arena

Game: Practicebefore game, warmup, play the game for around 2.5 hours, interview with the media

Off day: Rest, practice, endorsement events, charity, and watch games

Obviously, each player has different routines and schedules. But we can’t deny that a lot of NBA players practice each day. This is why they build up their stamina over time.

Why do NBA Players get Injured a lot?

Although NBA players seem to not get tired, they usually are.

Each team plays 82 games in a season not including the playoffs. Plus, they play the preseason, all-star and practice a lot.

So, when an NBA player uses their bodies a lot for a whole season, they’ll naturally get exhausted. Their bodies will become more susceptible to injury that way.

That’s why we’re seeing a lot of injuries these days. That and a lot of other factors contribute to a lot of injuries. You might want to check out this detailed guide we wrote on why NBA players seem to get injured a lot.

Is Basketball Really Tiring?

A basketball game isn’t technically considered a contact sport because contact isn’t usually permitted by the rules. But if you watch any basketball game, you’ll see that a lot of contact is made all the time.

But probably the most tiring aspects of the game are the constant running that they must do. Not only that but they must defend other players while running or they must score.

When you play in the NBA, the game is more competitive. Each play involves a set of intricate moves which players must also master. So, their minds are also constantly at work.

Although basketball isn’t as tiring as say boxing or the triathlon, it can still get tiring.

Final Thoughts

NBA players seem like superhumans when they play basketball. They run up and down the court, bump into other players and perform stunning dunks.

But the truth is they also get tired a lot. They’re secret is that they have a lot of stamina, they eat healthy, exercise, and they rest well.

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