How Much Do NBA Court Cleaners Make?

Being a court cleaner has to be one of the best jobs ever…

Just think about it, they get to watch NBA games for free and even meet players!

On top of that, they must get paid decently since they’re working for the NBA. So, how much do they make exactly?

The average salary of an NBA court cleaner is around $80,000 per year. The entry-level cleaners make about $39,000, while the experienced cleaners can make as much as $100,000 per year cleaning the court while also having the best view of the game.

Let us look at what court cleaners do to earn six-digit salaries.

How Much Do NBA Court Cleaners Make?

NBA court cleaners or what we often call mop boys, floor cleaners, or attendants are some of the regulars that you’ll see on a basketball court, besides the players, coaches, and referees.

It may look very simple for the court cleaners to make sure that the floor is dry and the court is clean, but what they have in exchange for that service is a front-row seat to on-court basketball action packaged with a relatively high salary.

According to sources, the average salary of NBA court cleaners is around $80,000 annually.

This amount is higher than the average annual salary of employees in the US, which is about $53,490.

NBA court cleaners are also earning far more than the workers in the service industry, which is approximately $32,664.

How Much is the Minimum NBA Court Cleaner’s Salary?

While the average court cleaner’s salary is already high relative to the average wage in the US, the minimum salary of rookie court cleaners of $39,000 is already higher than what G League players are earning on average, which is $37,000.

This may look very high for their responsibility.

However, there are only 30 teams in the NBA, so even if the salary is high for this job, it will still be hard to get in unless you have connections to connect you to this once-in-a-lifetime gig.

What is the Maximum NBA Court Cleaner’s Salary?

On the other end of the spectrum, the more experienced court cleaners can earn as much as $90,000 to more than six digits in annual salary.

Besides this lucrative deal, they can even receive tips from some players who only bring their value higher.

What are the Responsibilities of an NBA Court Cleaner?

Brooklyn Nets vs NY Knicks 2018-10-03 td 183 - 1st Quarter
Brooklyn Nets vs NY Knicks 2018-10-03 td 183 – 1st Quarter by Tdorante10

It may look simple, but NBA court cleaners do more than wipe the floor when it gets wet from players diving for loose balls.

1. Clean the court

An NBA court cleaner’s first and most important responsibility is maintaining the hardwood’s cleanliness. They must mop and wipe the floor before, during timeouts, during halftime, and after the game.

There are usually three tools court cleaners use during the game.

The first is the large brooms for cleaning the whole court before the game, during timeouts, and in-between quarters.

The second is the circular mops that are used to dry sweat. Lastly, court cleaners will go on all fours with an oversized bath towel to dry the area where players fall.

It may not be the most glamorous job out there, but if you’re allowed to stand on the same platform as the best basketball players in the world, you take it.

2. Keep the court dry at all times

Court cleaners may often be underappreciated most of the time, but they are critical parts of the game.

Players are always diving for loose balls, running around and leaving drops of sweat on the floor, and other actions that wet the floor, which can cause injuries – this is where court cleaners are crucial.

During the game, they are very attentive to watching where players fell, tumbled, dived, or slid because it is certain that that area will be wet, so they must dry it thoroughly.

It may look like simple mopping, but it is actually to prevent injuries due to slippage.

Drying the floor includes the whole court and the sidelines, where coaches and fans can also spill liquid on the floor. If that happens, one or two court cleaners will immediately dry the floor using large towels or mops.

Sometimes, NBA players step into the dried area to ensure no water is left, which is cool.

3. Help in setting up the court and benches

Before the game, court cleaners are responsible for setting up the court seats, including the benches.

Cleaning can be physically tolling, with more than 20,000 seats in the arena in each game. They place shirts and other homecourt items during the playoffs on designated seats.

Court cleaners and attendants are also expected to load and unload gear used for games.

4. Rebound the ball during warm-ups and halftimes

During warm-ups and halftime breaks, floor attendants and court cleaners are also tasked with helping recover balls when players shoot around.

Benefits of an NBA Court Cleaner

Aside from the excellent salary they receive per year for their responsibilities on and off the court, there are other benefits court cleaners get. Here are some.

1. Front-row view of the game

One of the best benefits of being a court cleaner is the front-row view of NBA games. Frontcourt seats typically cost more than a thousand dollars for top teams and tens of thousands during the playoffs.

So, court cleaners have the added benefit of not paying for the best seats in the house while enjoying the great view and intensity of the game.

They can even have moments when they can interact with players and maybe even get a high five.

While many people will spend money to get the view,  court cleaners are paid to stay in the front.

2. Earning a thank you from NBA players

NBA Players know the significance of court cleaners to ensure the safety of everyone on the floor.

So, players who usually dive and draw charges never forget to appreciate the unsung heroes of the basketball court.

3. 30-Seconds of Fame

Imagine you are assigned to be the court cleaner in the NBA Finals, then Stephen Curry dives for a loose ball and gets the floor wet.

Now, the spotlight and cameras are pointing at you with the world watching as you dry the wet spot.

4. They can receive a Championship Ring

It takes a whole organization for a basketball team to win the championship, so it is common practice for organizations to give championship ring replicas to every team employee when they win the title.

For example, the Miami Heat gave away 415 rings to its employees when they won the 2006 Championship.

The Cleveland Cavaliers gave more than 1,000 rings in 2016. The Golden State Warriors gave away 500 rings in 2018.

How do you Become an NBA Court Cleaner?

Now that you learned how insanely high floor cleaners make in just 82 games, many may be interested in being a floor cleaner.

But it is not as easy as it seems.

With only 30 NBA teams in the league, only a limited number of floor cleaners will be hired annually – provided that someone gets fired, resigns, or retires.

So how can you be an NBA court cleaner?

1. You need to be physically fit

You may have noticed that most court cleaners have a good physique if you’ve watched enough NBA games. That is almost mandatory since cleaning the court and other related tasks require physical strength or stamina.

Court cleaners are also expected to be quick with their task so that they won’t get run over by these NBA players and be on blooper videos.

2. Directly apply to the NBA Team you want to work with

If you want to be part of the elite squad of NBA court cleaners, the first way is to apply for the position of resource manager directly.

However, it is almost impossible to know if there is a vacancy for a high-demand job.

You may need detective work to find the right persons through LinkedIn or other job sites, find their email addresses, and send out an application.

3. Wait for the NBA for its job openings

Believe it or not, but NBA posts job openings through the NBA website ( before redirecting it to a team’s careers page, which can include job openings as the court cleaner.

You may select which team you want to apply to and browse from the dozens of job openings until you find (or not) if there is a job opening for the court cleaner.


NBA court cleaners are crucial in NBA games because of their tasks and ensuring that the court is clean and dry during the game to avoid injuries to players.

Their hard work and responsibilities are then repaid with a handsome annual salary reaching six figures.

Aside from their above-average income, they also have the best seats on the court to watch the game with opportunities for interaction with the players. It may be one of the best jobs in the world.

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