Where Do NBA Players Go During Halftime?

An NBA game is only 48 minutes of regulation with 5-minute extensions per overtime period, but a lot can happen during that time. Due to foul calls and violations, free throws, timeouts, and other related events, the game that should end within an hour usually stretches to more than two hours.

Another reason why NBA games take more than just 48 minutes is the 15-minute halftime break that occurs after the game’s first two quarters.

So, what do NBA players do during the halftime break?

During the NBA halftime break break, each team’s players, coaches, and staff return to their respective locker rooms for 15-minutes. During this time, the team restrategizes and plans game adjustments for the second half. Players also get their much-needed rest and medical attention if needed.

So let’s look more into what happens during the halftime break.

Where do NBA Players go During Halftime?

NBA Arenas can hold tens of thousands of spectators watching a game between two teams battle it out on the court. However, underneath their seats is the locker room holding area, where players get dressed before the game. However, it is a different place during halftime.

The two competing teams have their own designated locker rooms that are usually isolated and located further from each other. The team occupies these rooms before and after the game and during halftime.

The NBA halftime break is a 15-minute interval between the game’s first and second half. During this time, players, coaches, staff, and other team members return to their respective locker rooms to rest, re-energize, and restrategize for the second half of the ball game.

Besides players’ usual halftime activities, some like to stay loose by shooting a few more before the beginning of the second half.

What do Players do During Halftime?

During this break, players can take a few more minutes of rest to recover from the physical pounding they took during the first two-quarters of the game before going at it again in the second half.

Players are often seen putting ice on their knees, shoulders, and ankles or getting stretched while listening to their coaches break down the gameplay for the second half. This crucial time is also an opportunity to get hydrated since players lose a lot of body fluids by sweating throughout the first half.

The halftime break may sound like a break, but the atmosphere of the place is different depending if the team is led by a lot, losing by a lot, tie or close game.

Since the NBA has been more advanced, players now have immediate access to advanced stats and game data, videos, and game analysis with a swipe of their fingers. However, some guys spend a few minutes scrolling through their social media accounts.

According to Andrew Bogut, who was with the Golden State Warriors during its 2014-15 Title Run, Stephen Curry, after having a bad first half, would often read his Twitter mentions during halftime to find some motivations. Maybe this is why the Golden State Warriors are the best ‘Third Quarter’ Team in the NBA.

What Happens on the Court During Halftime?

Miami Heat stadium

While players and coaches are busy planning their game adjustments for the second half during the 15-minute break, it is another story for the fans on the court.

During the halftime break, the court is typically lively with entertainment, games, and performances brought by the home team for their fans. Fans can take a quick restroom break and grab snacks from court-side vendors.

The usual live halftime entertainment includes mascot performances like skits, dunks, dances, and exhibitions. Some teams also have half-court shot competitions where the winning fan can get thousands of dollars or a car.

On the other side of the court, for the TV guys on NBA TV, ESPN, ABC, and TNT, their NBA Analysts often use this 15-minute break to give some analysis, highlight the best plays of the first half, and offer some game adjustments for the second half while also showing some commercials.

Do NBA Players Change Jerseys at Halftime?

Changing game-worn jerseys during the halftime break often depends on a player’s superstitious beliefs, routines, and habits. Some players are very meticulous in their routine that they will only change their jerseys during a game if it’s ripped. While some players love looking fresh, so they change into a new jersey at the half.

One time in a game between the Oklahoma City Thunders and the Atlanta Hawks, the NBA forced the OKC to change their jerseys during halftime due to a color clash with their uniforms. The home team, Thunder, wore their usual orange outfit while the Hawks donned their red jerseys.

Unfortunately, the color clash that confused the two teams was pretty bad, especially on television. So the home court Thunder changed jerseys during the halftime break into white.

Do Players Take Showers at Halftime?

The 15-minute halftime break is shorter than it seems with the team meeting, rest and hydration, and other routines.

So, there is not enough time for players to shower or take a bath. However, players can wash off excessive sweat from their bodies during the break.

Do Players Eat at Halftime?

While drinking fluids for rehydration is common among NBA players during the half, eating full meals has not been a conventional practice. But some players take a few bites, including fruits like bananas or granola bars. However, some players avoid eating food altogether during the game to avoid feeling full for the game. Instead of eating, some players drink more fluids.


The NBA Halftime may seem like a time for teams to relax from a spectator’s point of view, especially while watching the game on TV. However, these 15-minutes are precious for teams and must be maximized.

Players and coaches must be on the same page during this time and figure out the best way to beat the other team starting in the third quarter until the end of the game.

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