Why Do NBA Players Get Traded So Much?

Trades are so common in the NBA that there’s even one player who got traded while playing.

But why exactly do NBA players get traded so much?

There are a lot of NBA trades because many teams want to instantly improve their roster. It’s also because trading is the norm, an easy process or because a player wants to play for another team.

So, in this post, you’ll see exactly why NBA players are traded so much. Plus as a reward, we listed the most traded players in NBA history at the end.

What is a Trade in the NBA?

We see the word trade in the NBA all the time, but what exactly does it mean?

In simple terms, it’s when a team trades a player for another player. But teams can also trade a player for their pick in the upcoming NBA draft.

What this means is that there can be a simple trade and a complex one that involves lots of players and rights in a trade.

Why do NBA Teams Trade Players?

Trading in the NBA is allowed. But why exactly do teams want to trade for players?

1. To win the championship

Obviously, all the teams dream of winning the championship every season. But only a one team wins it by beating the other twenty nine.

So, by trading their old players for a new one, teams are looking to instantly improve their roster. An NBA team would do everything they can to win a championship and that would entail trading players for hopes of a better chance.

2. To earn more money

Aside from winning the finals, teams would benefit a lot monetarily from gaining superstars into their ranks.

Just by having LeBron James in your team, you can increase your audience attendance, jersey sales and endorsements. This is why it’s almost always worth it to trade for superstars and pay their huge salaries if they can bring in more revenue.

3. To make room for salary cap

Another reason is to make room so that the team won’t go over the salary cap. The salary cap is the NBA’s way of making the league fair for everyone. Without it, big market teams can just hoard the best players since they can pay for them.

So, when a team approaches the salary cap for the year, they will trade for expiring contracts, so they have more leeway.

Why do NBA Players Get Traded so Much?

We know that NBA teams trade players to improve their roster easily, but why exactly are trades happening so much?

Are players just not that loyal or are there other reasons involved? Let’s find out.

1. Because the team decided to

A lot of times, the decision to trade comes from the team itself. A team’s front office will often discuss the team’s future so they might move a few pieces all the time.

So, when you see players getting traded all the time, they don’t have control over it. They’re just thinking that it’s better to get traded than to not get signed altogether.

2. Because it’s easy

Getting trades in the NBA is as easy as shooting threes for Curry. Well, not exactly that easy but we see trades happening all the time.

The NBA encourages trades so the league becomes balanced, and teams can experiment with their rosters.

So as long as the teams agree and the trade deadline hasn’t approached yet, they’re free to trade their players.

3. It’s the norm

Trading for players has become the norm for many teams each season. They’re looking to switch up their rosters, so they’ll have a chance at playoffs.

So, instead of just sticking it up and hoping for a new LeBron James come draft time, they would gladly trade with another team.

4. Because the player wants to

A lot of players especially superstars have the power to convince the front office for a trade.

They will ask for a trade for a lot of reasons but mainly because they don’t want to play for their team anymore.

Most notably, when Kevin Durant asked to get traded from Golden State Warriors to the Brooklyn Nets, they agreed.

Another player who can ask for a trade like a general manager is LeBron James. He has switched teams a total of four times.

Ultimately, the player can ask for a trade and if there’s mutual agreement, then the trade will happen.  

NBA Players Who Got Traded the Most

Over the decades, there have been a ton of trades that have happened in the NBA.

While they may just look like a student transferring schools to some people, we can’t imagine how it must feel like for players.

So, you must be curious to know which players got traded the most in NBA history, right?

Look no further as we list them here:

NBA PlayerNumber of Times Traded
1. Trevor Ariza9
2. Chris Gatling8
3. Dale Ellis8
4. Marcus Camby7
5. Same Cassell7

Final Thoughts

NBA trades are necessary for teams to improve their chances at winning the title. Although they’ve become quite common these past seasons, the league is still somewhat balanced.  

Ultimately, there will be no trades if the teams don’t agree to it.

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