Who Is The Best Shooter In Nba History

When it comes to the title of “Best Shooter in NBA History,” it’s no easy debate to settle. An array of legendary players have showcased their skills on the court, leaving fans in awe of their precision and finesse. From prolific scorers like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant to sharpshooters like Stephen Curry and Ray Allen, the NBA has witnessed an astonishing display of shooting mastery. Each player brings their unique style and records to the table, adding fuel to the ongoing conversation about who truly deserves the esteemed title of the best shooter in NBA history.


In order to determine the top 5 NBA shooters of all time, we will be analyzing three main factors: statistics, accuracy, and consistency. By considering these aspects, we can assess the overall shooting abilities and impact of each player on their respective teams and the league as a whole. So, let’s dive into the analysis and discover who truly deserves the title of the best shooter in NBA history.


When evaluating the top shooters in NBA history, statistics play a crucial role. They provide us with objective data to compare performance across different eras and showcase a player’s scoring prowess. From three-point shooting percentages to total points scored, these numbers give us a clear snapshot of a shooter’s impact on the game.


Accuracy is a fundamental aspect of effective shooting, and it is no different in the NBA. A shooter’s ability to consistently hit shots with precision, regardless of the circumstances, demonstrates their skill and reliability. The top shooters in NBA history have showcased their accuracy time and time again, solidifying their status as some of the most accurate marksmen the league has ever seen.


Consistency is the hallmark of greatness in any sport, and shooting in the NBA is no exception. The ability to consistently perform at a high level and maintain a high shooting percentage over time is what separates the good shooters from the great ones. Those who can consistently deliver exceptional shooting performances regardless of the pressure or defensive schemes deserve recognition as some of the greatest shooters of all time.

Top 5 NBA Shooters

Now that we have established our methodology, it’s time to delve into the top 5 NBA shooters of all time. These players have left an indelible mark on the game of basketball with their shooting skills and have set records that may never be surpassed. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry has revolutionized the game of basketball with his exceptional shooting abilities. His three-point shooting prowess is unmatched, and his long-range accuracy has redefined what is possible on the court. Curry’s ability to shoot from seemingly anywhere on the floor, combined with his lightning-quick release, makes him a nightmare for opposing defenses.

Ray Allen

Ray Allen, fondly known as the “Three-Point King,” was a lethal shooter throughout his career. His smooth shooting stroke and pinpoint accuracy earned him the reputation as one of the most feared shooters in NBA history. Allen’s clutch shooting performances in high-pressure situations and his ability to knock down shots from deep range make him a definite inclusion on this list.

Reggie Miller

Reggie Miller’s ability to score from the perimeter is legendary. He was a master at using screens to create open shots and had a lightning-quick release that allowed him to get his shot off before defenders could react. Miller’s performances in the playoffs, particularly his memorable moments against the New York Knicks, solidify his place as one of the all-time great shooters.

Larry Bird

Larry Bird was a player known for his versatility, and his shooting skills were no exception. Bird was equally proficient at scoring from the outside as he was in the post. His combination of shooting touch, basketball IQ, and competitiveness made him a formidable opponent for any defender. Bird’s ability to shoot efficiently from all areas of the court sets him apart as one of the best shooters in history.

Steve Nash

Steve Nash was not only a master distributor but also an exceptional shooter. His ability to shoot off the dribble or catch-and-shoot made him a constant threat to opposing defenses. Nash’s passion for the game and precision in his shooting stroke allowed him to consistently hit shots from all areas of the court. Additionally, his exceptional free-throw shooting was another testament to his shooting prowess.

Honorable Mentions

While our top 5 NBA shooters are undoubtedly remarkable, there are a few notable players who deserve an honorable mention for their shooting abilities. These players may not have cracked the top 5, but their impact on the game and their ability to consistently knock down shots cannot be overlooked.

Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson’s ability to catch fire and score points in a hurry is unparalleled. His lightning-quick release and sharpshooting skills have made him a vital part of the Golden State Warriors’ success. Thompson’s ability to go on scoring binges, including his record-breaking 37-point quarter, solidifies his place as one of the most dangerous shooters in NBA history.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant’s scoring ability is simply awe-inspiring. Standing at 6’11” with a silky-smooth shooting stroke, Durant can shoot over most defenders with ease. His ability to score efficiently from anywhere on the court, combined with his length and athleticism, makes him a tough matchup for any opponent. Durant’s shooting skills have played a significant role in his success and validate his honorable mention on this list.

Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki’s unique blend of size and shooting ability revolutionized the power forward position. His signature one-legged fadeaway shot, paired with remarkable shooting accuracy, made him virtually unstoppable. Nowitzki’s ability to stretch defenses and consistently hit shots from all areas of the court earned him a spot among the all-time great shooters.

Steph Curry’s NBA Shooting Records

While mentioning Stephen Curry earlier, it is worth noting his numerous NBA shooting records. Curry holds multiple records for three-pointers made in both regular-season and postseason play, further cementing his status as one of the greatest shooters of all time. His ability to break these records while maintaining a high level of efficiency speaks volumes about his shooting prowess.

Greatest Shooter Debate

The question of who is the greatest shooter in NBA history remains a subject of debate. While it ultimately comes down to personal preference, there are a few factors to consider when evaluating the impact and legacy of these shooting greats.

Skill vs. Impact

When comparing shooters, it is important to analyze not only their individual skill level but also the impact they had on their teams and the game. Some shooters may have extraordinary talent but fail to make a significant impact on the overall success of their teams. On the other hand, there are shooters who may not possess the same level of skill but were integral to their teams’ success. Balancing skill and impact is essential when determining the greatest shooter in NBA history.

Influence on the Game

Another crucial aspect to consider is the influence a shooter had on the game of basketball as a whole. Did their style of play change the way shooters are defended or the way offenses are run? Did they inspire a new generation of players to improve their shooting skills? Shooters who leave a lasting impact on the game extend their legacy beyond their own statistics and capture the imagination of future generations.

Overall Legacy

Lastly, the overall legacy of a shooter must be considered when evaluating their place in NBA history. Beyond the numbers, a shooter’s impact on the culture and popularity of the game can elevate their status. From memorable moments to championships won, a shooter’s legacy encompasses more than just shooting percentages and records.


In conclusion, determining the best shooter in NBA history is no easy task. Through analyzing statistics, accuracy, and consistency, we can identify players who have made a significant impact on the game through their shooting abilities. Whether it be Stephen Curry’s revolutionary three-point shooting or Larry Bird’s versatility, each player on our list has left an indelible mark on the sport. While our ranking is bound to spark debate, it is important to appreciate the skills and contributions of each shooter and acknowledge the evolution of shooting in the NBA.

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