Who Has The Most Dunks In NBA History?

You probably see countless dunks in the NBA each game.

But if you’ve ever been curious about who holds the record of the most dunks in history, you’re in the right place.

So, who is it?

Dwight Howard has the most dunks in NBA history, with 3,252 career dunks made. Next up on the list is Shaquille O’Neal with 3,200 and DeAndre Jordan with 2,461.

Aside from these three, we’ve listed the seven other all-time dunk leaders below. Stick around till the end so you’ll know who holds the single-season record for the most dunks!

1. Dwight Howard – 3,252 Career Dunks

Unsurprisingly, Dwight Howard tops this list as he’s been a force of nature ever since. He has spent 18 seasons in the NBA so far, and he’s made more dunks than Shaq.

Even though he’s just 6’10, he has a vertical leap of 39.5″, which was a big reason he could dunk over everyone easily. His athleticism and incredible footwork for a big man distinguish him from everyone else.

He even did an impressive free-throw dunk once in the All-Star Dunk Contest!

If you remember Howard on Orlando, he was a beast. He won the Defensive Player of the Year award three times, leading Orlando to the NBA Finals. In 2020, he won his first ring with the Los Angeles Lakers.

2. Shaquille O’Neal – 3,200 Career Dunks

Shaquille O’Neal used to be the all-time dunk leader until Dwight Howard came.

Still, he’s made 3,200 dunks over his 19-year career playing for six different teams.

When it comes to the most dominant player, he’s no doubt the top one on the list. Standing at 7’1 and weighing 325 pounds, he bullied his way to 4 rings, 1 MVP, 12 All-Star appearances, and 3 Finals MVPs.

During his time, he was so strong that he shattered numerous backboards and changed the NBA for good. Because of this, the NBA mandated each arena to have a backup hoop for these purposes.

Aside from that, he was so dominant in the paint that the only way for players to stop him would be to foul him intentionally. Thus, the Hack-a-Shaq strategy was born. Teams would exploit that he shot an abysmal 52.7% from the free-throw line.

Still, that didn’t stop Shaq from toying over everyone who would guard him.

3. DeAndre Jordan – 2,461 Career Dunks

There was a time when DeAndre Jordan was one of the league’s best and highest-paid centers.

His incredible athletic dunks, which he does every game, allowed him to climb this list.

His accolades speak for themselves, as he has 3 All-Stars and 1 Olympic Gold medal.

But what most people would probably remember about him is his emphatic dunk against Brandon Knight. Who could forget such a dunk where everyone made fun of Knight on Twitter after?

Since then, he’s bounced around the league and is now playing for the Nuggets. Although he’s not the same athletic guy he once was, he can still dominate.

4. LeBron James – 2,377 Career Dunks

Arguably the greatest of all time, LeBron James may soon overtake DeAndre Jordan on this list.

This 6’9, 250-pound specimen can have an astounding 44-inch vertical leap!

He’s made so many incredible dunks in his career that it couldn’t fit in one video. But his signature dunk is the Tomahawk one, where he jumps high and throws down the ball with one hand.

Photo by Keith Allison

LeBron has been in the league for 20 seasons and counting but continues to perform exceptionally. At 38 years old, he shouldn’t even be dunking, but his performance says otherwise.

He may even surpass Shaq in the all-time dunk leaders, especially since he has so much left in the tank.

5. Tyson Chandler – 1,843 Career Dunks

Tyson Chandler was once one of the best centers in the league. So it’s no surprise to see him on this list, considering his talents.

He was also part of the historic 2011 championship of the Dallas Mavericks. Aside from having one ring, he was also good enough to be part of the US Olympic basketball teams winning one gold medal in 2012.

Photo by Keith Allison

Standing at 7″ 1 and weighing 240 pounds, his footwork, and exceptional agility allows him to defend well at the rim.

In terms of offensive prowess, he has an array of moves that he can do near the basket. But what contributed the most to his dunks are probably the countless lobs he received.

6. Rudy Gobert – 1,764 Career Dunks

Rudy Gobert has been in the league for ten seasons, but he’s already a part of this list.

Gobert is mainly known for his defense, which his 3-time DPOY award solidifies. He’s also a 3-time All-Star and a 4-time All-NBA team member.

Photo by Erik Drost

But even if he’s not an offensive power like the others on this list, he can still finish in the rim easily. He towers almost over everyone each game, so he can dunk over anyone he likes.

He also has a large frame and a strong body which helps him dunk over everyone else.

7. Amar’e Stoudemire – 1,733 Career Dunks

Another star big man, Amar’e Stoudemire, once ruled the paint in his time.

Photo by Keith Allison

He was a force to be reckoned with in Phoenix and New York Knicks. He had all the offensive plays under his belt. He can post up, shoot mid-range, and blow past opponents for the dunk.

Although he’s never won a ring, he was among the leading scorers on most teams he played for.

8. Andre Iguodala – 1,707 Career Dunks

Andre Iguodala has played for 19 seasons in the NBA and shows no signs of stopping.

For a 6’6 player, it’s impressive that he’s made a career out of dunking, which is why he’s part of this list.

Photo by Airman 1st Class Daniel Hughes

During his prime, he posterized everybody whenever he got the chance. He also has excellent defense, hustle, and a reliable jumper, allowing him to win four rings.  

When you’re as athletic as Iguodala, there’s not much anyone can do to stop him.

9. Giannis Antetokounmpo – 1,702 Career Dunks

Besides Gobert, Giannis is the youngest player in this list, but he’s already made a statement with the number of dunks he’s made.

Giannis practically lives in the rim as his signature move, the Euro Step dunk, allows him to score at will. He can do this each game, thanks to his 6’11 height and an impressive 7’3 wingspan.

Photo by Erik Drost

Plus, he’s bulked up over the years, allowing him to dominate in the paint. It’s hard to believe that he was once a skinny kid.

Probably the best player in the NBA today, Giannis will be one of the best to play the game. He now has one ring, 2 MVPs, 1 DPOY, and 6-All Star appearances.

The best part is that he’s still young, so he can climb up this list when it’s all done.

10. Shawn Marion – 1,608 Career Dunks

Shawn Marion was once a tremendous offensive threat in the paint.

Even though he’s just 6’7, his athleticism and big frame allowed him to catch a lot of alley-oops.

Photo by Keith Allison

He also has a lot of talent in the paint and can shoot whenever needed.

He’s compared to Amar’e Stoudemire a lot since they both play a similar brand of basketball and have similar builds.

But what separates him from Amar’e is that he won a ring alongside Tyson Chandler in Dallas in 2011.

Who has the most dunks in a single NBA season?

In 2019, Rudy Gobert made history as he made 270 dunks in just one season!

The previous record was with Dwight Howard, who set 269 dunks in a single season.

What’s even more impressive is that Gobert can still move up on the all-time dunk leaders based on our list above since he’s still young.

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Dunks are probably one of the most exciting parts of basketball. While some may only make a handful of dunks throughout their career, many big men have made a career out of them.

Obviously, centers and power forwards have a height and weight advantage over everyone when it comes to dunking. It’s no surprise to see that a center (Dwight Howard) holds the top spot.

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  1. Wilt Chamberlain had over a thousand more dunks than Dwight Howard. Kareem also had more than Howard, why are they omitted?

    • Hi Mike, that’s because the statistics had only began to be formally monitored starting in 1996. Wilt and Kareem may very well have more dunks than Howard but they’re not formally recorded so sadly we can’t include them in this list.


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