What Do NBA Players Do With Their Shoes After A Game?

NBA players are some of the richest people on the planet.

So, what happens with their shoes after a game?

NBA players can reuse their shoes, give it to fans, sold for auction or thrown away if damaged. NBA players typically go through 50+ pairs of shoes throughout a season.

But how do they get so many shoes? Who has the best collections? You’ll get to know all these below.

What do NBA Players do with their Shoes After a Game?

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Unlike typical players, the pros in the NBA go through a ton of shoes in each season. So, they have a lot of opportunity to do what they want with their shoes.

Here are the different ways shoes end up after being used in a game.

1. Reused/Kept

Most NBA player will use a new shoe anywhere from four to twenty games. So, after they use their shoe, someone cleans the shoe for them so they can reuse them in another game.

But if not, they can also keep it in their collection. This is especially true if the shoes are one of a kind or part of a historic moment – like winning the championship.

2. Given

A lot of basketball shoes are given by players to fans during the span of their career. They mostly sign it as well driving up the value even more.

They usually give these shoes to fans in the stands after games. They can also give them to friends, family members, or relatives. Whomever they give it to, it’s up to the player.

But before the shoes are given, a lot of players remove the custom soles which probably cost thousands of dollars.

3. Sold

Sometimes, they have their shoes auctioned off for the proceeds to be donated to a charity. These shoes are usually ones that have a lot of value to them.

Players would usually choose the charity partner or foundation that the proceeds will given to.

4. Thrown

Sometimes, players will dispose damaged shoes. If they’re not that valuable, they just don’t bother trying to get if fixed up.

Especially since getting a new one would be cheaper. Most of them don’t even have to pay for a new one!

But even a damaged shoe from an NBA player can be sold for a high price. Especially if this is from a popular player.

How many Shoes Does an NBA Player Wear in a Season?

According to our research, most players go through anywhere from 50 to more shoes in a season. So, each shoe can roughly last a few games.

There are actually a few reasons why players change shoe often:

  • They want to try different brands
  • For comfort and aesthetics
  • The shoe has been worn down enough for them
  • They just have so many new shoes to use

Do NBA Players Buy Their Own Shoes?

A lot of NBA players have their own signature shoe. They would sign with big brands like Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, New Balance, Reebok, and Puma.

As part of their contract, aside from the money, they’re provided with shoes throughout the duration of a contract. They don’t have to buy any other shoes especially their own brand since they’re given them for free.

But for the rest of the players, they’re provided the shoes that they need by their team or company.

For superstars, this on top of their signature shoe contracts add up a lot of shoes under their collection.

But if they want to use other players’ signature shoes, then they can buy them. Or they can use their connections to get rare shoes.

NBA Players With the Best Shoe Collection

Shoes are a hot commodity today thanks to sneakerheads collecting many of them.

But in the NBA, there are also a lot of certified sneakerheads that are proud of their shoe collections.

PJ Tucker comes to mind when it comes to basketball shoe collections. He’s always been vocal about his collection, and he let a lot of fans peek as well. He has thousands of shoes in his collection spread out through his houses, warehouses, lockers, and other places.

PJ is such an avid shoe collector that there was even a time where he was asked by Michael Jordan himself during a game where he got a pair of Shawn Marion 5’s. It was one of the rarest Jordan shoes out there so even the GOAT was surprised.

Other NBA players who are big on shoe collections are Chris Paul, DeMar DeRozan, Montrezl Harell, and Langston Galloway.

But probably a lot of superstars have their own respectable line of shoe collections. This includes players like Curry, LeBron, KD, and Giannis.

Final Words

NBA players get so many free shoes from their contracts that it’s not surprising they only use them for a few games.

But we now know that these shoes all end up in some place or another depending on the player.

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