What Hotels Do NBA Teams Stay At? (Revealed)

Key Takeaways:

  • NBA teams travel frequently for games, both at home and away.
  • NBA teams have preferred hotels that meet their requirements for travel needs, including luxury accommodations for players.
  • Some specific cities where NBA teams stay at hotels include Portland, Orlando, New York City, Denver, Miami, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Atlanta.


Do NBA teams have a comfortable stay when they travel from one city to another for their games? Let’s explore the hotels they prefer!

NBA teams opt for luxury hotels. They provide amenities such as fitness centers, restaurants, and meeting rooms. Plus, they offer privacy and security to help the players focus on their game and avoid distractions. Location is key too. It must be close to the arena to save time and reduce traveling difficulties.

Some teams always stay in the same hotel. Others pick a new one depending on their travel schedule. Hotels often give NBA teams special packages and deals for their comfort and satisfaction. This preference for luxury hotels ensures NBA players get the best experience away from home.

NBA Teams Traveling for Games

NBA teams are always on the move, and traveling for away games and even home games is an integral part of their routine. With this constant travel, where do they stay? In this section, we’ll take a look at NBA teams traveling for games, including home games and away games, and explore the logistics and accommodations that come with the territory.

Home Games

NBA teams don’t have to worry about travel when playing home games. However, they must make preparations. They usually stay at a hotel or facility close to the arena. This is to avoid travel time and give players rest. They may also need certain amenities or meals.

Where they stay matters for their performance. Teams look at factors such as pricing, location, or availability when deciding.

Home games are an important part of the NBA season. Planning and consideration are needed for successful games.

Away Games

NBA away games mean extensive travel for players and staff. Comfort and safety are the priority, so they can rest and recover between games. Hotels must meet certain criteria to be chosen. They must offer amenities, security, quality food, and be close to the venue.

Teams usually stick to familiar chains. But sometimes they have to choose alternatives. Which hotel they choose varies from city to city. It must meet their needs and the players’ preferences. In Portland, The Nines and The Benson hotels are popular.

While The Peninsula and The Ritz Carlton are favorites in NYC. Each hotel has features to suit the NBA players’ needs. In conclusion, NBA teams prioritize comfort and safety when selecting accommodation. They make sure their players can focus on their best performance in each game.

NBA Teams’ Preferred Hotels and Requirements for Travel Needs

NBA teams place significant importance on their travel needs and accommodations during the season. In this section, we will take a closer look at the preferred hotels of various NBA teams and their specific requirements. Additionally, we will examine why and how these preferred hotels change based on availability and dates. These facts and figures will give insights into the NBA team’s travel habits and their choice of hotels.

Change in Preferred Hotels Based on Availability and Dates

NBA teams switch their favorite hotels often. It’s important they give their players a comfortable and convenient place to stay while on the road. For a team to be successful, they must take care of their players’ physical health and readiness.

A table can be created to show any changes in preferred hotels. It will have 3 columns: NBA Team, Preferred Hotels, and Changes based on Availability & Dates.

For example, some teams may choose to stay at Marriott or Four Seasons. But if those hotels aren’t available, they’ll look for other options.

It’s also interesting that the team’s travel schedule can influence the choice of hotel. If there’s only one day between two games, coaches may select a hotel closer to the arena. This way, their players can get enough rest before the game.

The following table shows the preferred hotels of NBA teams, along with any changes based on availability & dates:

NBA TeamPreferred HotelsChanges based on Availability & Dates
Los Angeles LakersMarriottSwitched to Hilton for the month of November due to high demand
Boston CelticsFour SeasonsSwitched to Ritz Carlton for playoffs due to proximity to arena
Miami HeatHiltonno changes

Hotels where NBA Teams Stay in Specific Cities

Every time the NBA teams go on the road, the hotel they stay in becomes their home base for the duration of their stay. In this section, we’ll take a look at the hotels where NBA teams stay when they play in specific cities, including Portland, Orlando, New York City, Denver, Miami, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Atlanta. Find out where these basketball stars rest and recharge during their travels to games across the country.


Portland offers NBA teams plenty of luxury lodging choices. The Golden State Warriors usually stay at The Benson Hotel when they’re in town. The Houston Rockets, likewise, often book rooms at the Heathman Hotel. NBA teams prioritize comfort and luxury in their accommodations, and Portland can meet their needs. Noteworthy is that while some NBA teams’ preferred hotels may switch up depending on availability and dates, certain hotels remain a dependable choice for most teams visiting Portland.


NBA players and officials visiting Orlando have plenty of luxury options. Four Seasons hotels are known for their comfort and top amenities. In fact, the NBA bubble in 2020 was held in a special accommodation built just for the players.

Other teams, such as the Hilton, Marriott, and Sheraton, have a range of choices. How far they need to travel plays a big part in deciding which hotel they go with. All in all, Orlando offers a wide selection of places to stay for NBA players and officials.

New York City

NBA Teams often travel to different cities for games. When they visit New York City, they have certain hotels they prefer.

The Ritz Carlton is one choice. It’s well-known for its luxury and elegance and provides great services and amenities.

The Four Seasons Hotel is another favorite. It offers top-notch amenities, like spas and fine dining.

The Sheraton Times Square Hotel is also chosen by NBA players. It’s in the middle of Times Square, giving easy access to tourist attractions such as theaters, restaurants, bars, and shops.

Sometimes, The Plaza Hotel or Waldorf Astoria are chosen. However, it depends on the team’s schedule and events happening in the city. There are many options in New York City that meet NBA teams’ needs and preferences.


NBA players get the luxury of top-notch lodging while on the road. Four Seasons Hotels are a popular pick. Such hotels give players the best comfort and luxury to relax and get ready for their games. But, the top hotels may vary due to availability and timing.

When NBA teams come to Denver, they usually stay at Ritz-Carlton or Hilton Garden Inn Denver Downtown. Some players may choose to stay in their own residences or even nearby vacation spots. No matter where they stay, NBA players get the best accommodations that the city has.


NBA players often stay at select hotels in Miami, as they meet the players’ unique needs. These include a nutritious diet and efficient transportation. W South Beach is one of the favored accommodations. Other luxury hotels NBA players visit are Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, and SLS Brickell.

These establishments provide top-notch services, as well as luxurious rooms for relaxation. The Miami Heat and L.A. Lakers usually stay at high-end hotels before their games. Spa amenities, such as deep tissue massages and ice baths, help athletes recover from strenuous activities.

Los Angeles

NBA teams flock to Los Angeles, and the Four Seasons Hotels are often chosen. Private balconies, in-room dining, and spa services make for a luxurious stay. These hotels also take extra security measures to protect players.

The Ritz Carlton and Beverly Hills Hotel are two other popular choices in Los Angeles. They provide elite amenities to ensure players can relax.

When it comes to dining, there’s no shortage of options. NBA teams often try Katana, Spago, and STK Steakhouse for a delicious meal after a long day.


NBA teams often choose hotels in Phoenix based on availability and dates. These hotels need to have the facilities to meet the teams’ needs. Unfortunately, details about the hotels are limited.

Players also have the choice of luxury accommodations when they travel to their destination. Vacation spots are available for players to relax after games or tournaments.

No extra info is present in the Reference Data on Phoenix’s accommodation for NBA players. However, Phoenix is a crucial location for teams and players during away games.


NBA players have plenty of choices in Atlanta for accommodation. The Ritz-Carlton Buckhead stands out as the top pick for an upscale experience. With a fitness center, spa, and multiple dining options, it’s conveniently located close to attractions like the Mercedes-Benz Stadium and State Farm Arena.

However, teams may choose another premier hotel like the Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta or Intercontinental Buckhead Hotel. It depends on their individual scheduling and availability needs. Teams take into account preferences of individual players and team management policies when selecting their accommodation.

No matter the choice, NBA teams visiting Atlanta can look forward to a comfortable and enjoyable stay in this vibrant city.

Luxury Accommodations for NBA Players During Travel

NBA players are accustomed to luxury accommodations during their travels, and rightfully so. This section explores the choices made by NBA teams regarding their hotel selection, including favored Four Seasons locations.

Additionally, we’ll discuss the benefits of NBA players having their own rooms, as well as the vacation spots chosen by these esteemed athletes when they’re not on the court. Finally, we’ll look at the accommodations provided during the NBA bubble in Orlando and the travel arrangements of both G League and NBA players alike.

Choice of Four Seasons Hotels

Four Seasons Hotels are the go-to luxury accommodation for NBA players. They guarantee all the needs of teams and players. Their amenities and services make them popular.

What makes Four Seasons unique? Spectacular locations, great in-room features plus exclusive facilities. They understand dietary needs and provide custom menus.

The NBA owners pay for travel and lodging in Four Seasons. The comfort they offer athletes before games makes them the preferred choice.

In conclusion, NBA players love Four Seasons. Their services are top-notch, amenities luxurious, and proximity to needed facilities. Custom-designed services make sure players enjoy their stay and get ready for games. Clearly, Four Seasons is the best for NBA players.

NBA Players Getting Own Hotel Rooms

NBA athletes often like their own hotel room when travelling with the team. This way, they can have their own space and privacy, which helps them stay concentrated on the upcoming game. Nevertheless, it’s essential to remember that this isn’t mandatory for all teams. It is based on factors such as personal tastes and past experiences with shared lodgings.

When NBA players wish for their own hotel room, their team makes sure the accommodation is up to certain standards. For example, the hotel has to be close to the stadium or arena where the game or practice is held. Further, the rooms ought to be properly furnished, with cozy beds, excellent lighting, and Wi-Fi access.

Some players enjoy spending time with others in group housing, whereas some prioritize having their own place. Teams must adjust the needs of their athletes with the team objectives and allowance when organizing accommodations. In the end, it is important that NBA players have a pleasant and enjoyable stay while travelling with the team, for a successful performance.

Vacation Destinations of NBA Players

NBA Players have many interesting vacation spots to explore. They have limited time during the NBA season, so they often look forward to their off-season for a holiday.

Popular destinations include:

  • Caribbean Islands – stunning beaches and warmth all year long
  • Europe – beautiful architecture, culture, landscapes, attractions
  • Hawaii – scenic beauty, surfing, hiking, beach volleyball
  • Mexico – cultural history, white sandy beaches
  • Asia – immersion in new cultures

Some players prefer longer trips away from home, while others enjoy local spots that they don’t have a chance to see in the busy season. There are many cities in America providing a reprieve from hectic NBA life during their off-seasons.

NBA Bubble Accommodations in Orlando

The NBA acted quickly to create a safe atmosphere for teams to play amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Their solution? The “bubble” in Orlando, Florida. This bubble was designed to guarantee safety and enforce multiple layers of protection.

Hotels were made to follow strict cleaning protocols. Shared areas, like door handles and elevators, were frequently sanitized. Everyone outside of their team had to wear masks while interacting.

Inside the bubble, players had access to first-rate workout facilities and recreational activities like golfing, fishing, and game rooms. It was a secure, all-inclusive environment that catered to the well-being of all.

Testing was also a must. Everyone staying there was tested for COVID-19 repeatedly due to its contagious nature. This way, the NBA could keep the virus out of the bubble.

Overall, the NBA bubble in Orlando provided safety and amenities for everyone involved. It kept players in shape, healthy, and safe. It also provided them with excellent facilities for peak athletic performance.

G League and NBA Players’ Travel and Schedule

Comprehending and discussing G League and NBA players’ travel and schedules requires an understanding of NBA teams’ travel and preferred hotels. Amenities provided by owners to players on the road are paramount to their comfort and performance.

The table below outlines details of G League and NBA players’ travel and schedules. This includes: the number of games played, length of stay, and preferred hotels.

DetailsG League PlayersNBA Players
Number of Games PlayedUp to 50 games per season82 games per season (excluding playoffs)
Length of Stay2-3 days per game1-2 nights for away games; extended stays for back-to-backs or road trips
Preferred HotelsHilton Garden Inn, Hyatt Place, Marriott Residence InnSix Four Seasons hotels across the US

Furthermore, offseasons present NBA players with the opportunity to select vacation spots.

G League players’ preferred hotels offer shorter stays than those of NBA players. For example, Hilton Garden Inn, Hyatt Place, and Marriott Residence Inn. Meanwhile, NBA players’ options include luxury hotels, such as Four Seasons Hotels. Some NBAers also take vacations in their offseasons.

It is thus crucial to consider the preferences of NBA stars when selecting suitable hotel options that meet all their needs. G League and NBA Players’ Travel and Schedule entails long hours of plane rides, waiting at airports, and hotel stays for extended periods. NBA owners are willing to pay for comfortable accommodations close to game venues.

NBA Owners Paying for Travel and Lodging in Luxury Hotels

NBA teams feel blessed to have their owners’ support for travel and lodging. Owners understand the importance of giving their players the best accommodation, such as high-end hotels that follow the league’s guidelines. These hotels offer great facilities like spas, pools, and fine dining.

Not only do owners pay for the lodging in these luxury hotels, but also all the travel costs! This includes airfare, ground transport, and per diem expenses. By doing this, NBA players can use all their energy on playing their best.

Five facts about hotels where NBA teams stay:

✅ NBA teams have a preference for hotels when traveling to different cities, but the preferred hotel may change based on availability and dates. (Source: elitesportstours.ca)

✅ NBA players typically get their own hotel rooms and do not necessarily need special beds, but luxury accommodations are provided during travel. (Source: thefootballlovers.com)

✅ Four Seasons hotels are frequently chosen by NBA teams for luxury accommodations, amenities, location, and partnership with the NBA. (Source: thefootballlovers.com)

✅ NBA players often vacation in destinations such as Mykonos, Greece and Hawaii. (Source: thefootballlovers.com)

✅ The specific hotels NBA teams stay at in various cities are not always publicly disclosed, but options such as the Nines Hotel and Hotel Monaco have been mentioned for when NBA teams play against the Portland Trailblazers in Portland. (Source: TripAdvisor)

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