What Is The Training Camp Deal In The NBA?

The training camp is an important time for NBA teams. Since this period is between the NBA Finals and the start of the new season, players, coaches, and whole organizations are all excited. Hopes are also high about their development coming into the new season since every team’s current standing is still 0-0.

But how do players under training camp deals differ from other NBA contracts?

According to the NBA CBA, teams can sign players to non-guaranteed training camp contracts. Since these deals are not guaranteed, teams can cut them before the first day of the regular season. Players that are cut under this contract will receive either $2,000 to $6,000 total, depending on their health.

Now let us learn more about NBA training camps and how it impacts players and teams.

What Exactly is the Training Camp Deal in the NBA?

The NBA Training camp usually happens a few weeks before the start of the NBA season. This is an excellent opportunity for the rookies and undrafted players invited from the NBA Summer League to show what they’re capable of to the team regulars.

Unlike the regular season, where the roster is limited to 17 players (15 standard contracts, 2 two-way contracts), the training camp roster can go up to 20 players under contract. However, not every contract is the same.

Even before the training camp, NBA Teams already have regular members guaranteed with the regular season slots. High-draft pick players are also almost guaranteed their place on the roster. So, the training camp will be the battlefield for the remaining few slots.

The other invited players for the training camp without existing contracts will sign non-guaranteed training camp contracts. According to the latest NBA Collective Bargaining Agreement (NBA CBA), training camp contracts are terminatable before the start of the season.

Another provision of the NBA CBA is that the maximum number of players under the non-guaranteed training camp contract is six.

How Much do NBA Players get for Training Camp?

Training camp rosters can have up to 20 players, unlike the regular season roster, which can only carry up to 17 with two players in two-way contracts. This means that at least three players will lose their slots on the team after the training camp.

However, getting into the training camp after going undrafted or being taken low in the draft will not guarantee anything. The best scenario for players without a guaranteed contract, including a two-way contract, is to perform well in the training camp and earn on.

Aside from the goal of getting regular contracts, players with non-guaranteed contracts will still take home some dollars, even if they get cut in the final selection. Depending on their health and wellness, what they will receive after the cut will differ.

Healthy players who are cut will receive $2,000 per week, which is also pro-rated for players under summer league contracts. But if the player gets injured and then cut, he will receive $6,000.

What is the NBA Training Camp?

Miami Heat practice at Aderholt Fitness Center 2010-09-28 2
Miami Heat practice at Aderholt Fitness Center 2010-09-28 2 by SRA Sheila deVera

The NBA training camp allows teams to fill their roster with players most likely to fit into the system. It is also an opportunity to test the team’s chemistry since teams are usually not the same after the last season. Every new year, there are players lost, signed, re-signed, drafted, and have aged since the last season.

However, suppose someone is only under a training camp contract. In that case, it either rewards him for getting selected and included in the regular roster, or he will go home almost empty-handed.

Also, star players are usually not pushed too much during this time to avoid unnecessary injuries that can hurt their hope in the upcoming season.

How Long is the NBA Training Camp?

NBA Training Camps usually start three weeks before the start of the regular season. At this point, players are already more rested and have trained harder during the off-season to work on their game. This is also an excellent opportunity for players returning from injuries to re-integrate into the team.

However, there are also times when players appear in the training camp terribly out-of-shape, that they will have to double time in training to lose weight and regain their game.

The three weeks of training camp will include morning and afternoon practices, drills, some scrimmages, instructions, and a lot of fun (and trials) for the players before the season starts.

How Many Players are in the NBA Training Camp?

The training camp rosters can have up to 20 players, with a maximum of six players under the training camp contract. This number will soon be decreased to 15 players, with two players under two-way contracts before the first game of the season, which is on October 18, 2022.

Before entering the training camp, teams will likely have their core group of starters and primary role players. This means that eight to ten players are already set. The returning stars and other starters, newly signed free agents, drafted rookies, and other role players commonly fill two-thirds of the roster.

So the remaining available slots are likely to be very few, and those who will win the place and the contract will still likely never see playing time in the NBA.

Another important note about the training camp is, based on the current NBA CBA, aside from the 15 standard contract players, teams can have up to two players with two-way contracts – but teams can also opt to sign either one or none.


The training camp is a crucial period during the NBA season. Players and coaches assemble to gather the best talents they can get before the regular season starts.

It will also be vital to assess team status and chemistry on-and-off the court, which is crucial come the start of the season.

This period before the start of the season will also determine the final cut of players who will be included in the roster. While most of the players on the team are already guaranteed various contracts, some players can use the training camp as their opportunity to earn their first million in the NBA.

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