How Tall Is Ja Morant? (Real Height and Vertical)

By now, we’re used to seeing Ja Morant poster everybody up every chance he gets.

Even his attempted dunks are crazy and he deserves some credit for even attempting those.

But all those insane dunks lead to the question, how tall is he, really?

Ja Morant has a height of 6’3 or 192 centimeters. He has a vertical leap of 44 inches which is up there with the highest in the league today.

Now that you know how tall he is, you might be curious as to how tall his parents are. You’ll know the answer to that plus the secret to his crazy bounce below!

How Tall is Ja Morant?

Ja Morant is one of the most electrifying NBA players today. He’s the starting point guard of the Memphis Grizzlies and has played four seasons thus far.

In his four years, he has performed hundreds of dunks – most of them are insane poster dunks.

He loves to do these athletic dunks every so often which leaves fans questioning what his height really is.

So, how tall is he?

Feet: 6’3
Meters: 1.92
Centimeters: 192

For context, most point guards in the league are around the same height as Ja Morant. But most of them can’t do the dunks that he even attempts.

What is Ja Morant’s Vertical?

Ja Morant’s vertical is officially listed by the NBA as 44 inches.

If you didn’t know, the vertical jump is the jumping ability of a person measured in inches. It’s done by a person standing and then jumping as high as he can.

In the NBA, it’s usually done through a vertical jump tester which has a vertical steel pole and horizontal vanes at the end. The highest vane that the player touched will then determine his vertical leap.

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For context, the average vertical jump in the NBA is 27 to 30 inches. This is why Morant’s vertical jump is as impressive as they come.

In today’s NBA, Ja’s up there with the highest vertical leaps. But currently, there are players who have higher vertical leaps than Ja. They’re Derrick Jones Jr (46 inches) and Zach Lavine (46 inches).

But in NBA history, there are more impressive numbers than these. Let’s take a look at the list of players with the highest vertical leaps:

PlayerVertical Leap (Inches)
1. Wilt Chamberlain48
2. Darrell Griffith48
3. Michael Jordan46
4. Zach Lavine46
5. Jason Richardson46
6. James White46
7. Spud Webb46
8. Shannon Brown44.5
9. Muggsy Bogues44.3
10. LeBron James44

How Tall Are Ja Morant’s Parents?

Most NBA players get their heights from their tall parents. But there are also a lot of cases where tall players have parents who are short.

For instance, Jeremy Lin is 6’3 but both his parents are 5’6. But what’s most surprising is Boban Marjanovic who towers at 7’5 with his mom at 5’6 and dad at 5’9.

Surprisingly, Ja Morant’s dad, Tee Morant is 6’3 while his mom could be around 5’6. Ja’s sister Teniya is only a junior high school standing at 5’7.

It’s safe to say that they’re not really a tall family but Ja clearly got his height from his pops.

But it’s worth noting that Ja’s family is sports-oriented as his dad played basketball in college as well as his mother in high school. In college, his mother played softball as well. Right now, his sister is also playing basketball, being trained by their dad the same way Ja did.

How Does Ja Morant Jump So High?

The NBA is the biggest professional basketball league in the world. It’s where the best players from all over the world join and compete.

So, to be part of the league and to dominate against the tallest guys you can find is worthy of the superstar label.

At only four seasons in the league, Ja Morant has already reached heights that most players only dream of. He’s a two-time all-star putting up career stats of 22.4 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 7.4 assists.

He has incredible handles and decent shooting but what he’s known for is his incredible athleticism. It seems that he has highlight reels in each game he’s playing.

But how did he get so bouncy? What’s his secret sauce?

With an impressive 44-inch vertical leap, he’s up there with the most athletic players in NBA history.

After researching around, we found a clip of an interview from his father Tee Morant who said that Ja used to do tire drills when he was young.

Believe it or not, there was a time when Ja wasn’t able to dunk at all. His father was worried about his athleticism, so he gave Ja a big tractor tire in the backyard.

After every drill, Ja would jump 25 times each time. Then, the rest is history.

Of course, we also can’t discredit Ja’s discipline and hard work to become who he is today. But because he trained his legs early on and perfected his dunking skills, he’s able to do crazy stuff at the rim today.

Final Thoughts

Ja Morant is one of the most exciting players to watch in the NBA today. He’s grown into a certified superstar thanks to his insane athleticism.

With a height of 6’3 and a 44-inch vertical, it’s no wonder he could do those insane dunks. Of course, it’s also thanks to his work ethic and a good foundation.

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