How Often Do NBA Players Lift Weights?

Key Takeaways:

  • Weight training is an essential component of an NBA player’s training program: Weight training helps NBA players build strength, power, and endurance, which are critical for success on the court.
  • The frequency of weight lifting during the season depends on the player’s schedule and needs: NBA players often lift weights 2-3 times per week during the season to maintain their strength and prevent injury, but it may vary based on the player’s workload and recovery needs.
  • A combination of physical fitness and skills is necessary for NBA success: While weight training is important, it’s equally important for NBA players to work on their basketball skills, endurance, and quickness to perform at the highest level.


If you’re a basketball player, it’s no secret that you need to train hard to be successful – but just how important is weight lifting in this equation? In this section, we’ll explore the critical role of training in basketball and how it specifically translates to weight lifting. From building explosive power on the court to minimizing the risk of injury, we’ll highlight why this type of training is a non-negotiable component of any serious basketball player’s regimen.

Importance of Training in Basketball

Training is a must for any aspiring basketball player. NBA pros engage in rigorous workouts to stay on top of their game. The benefits are clear: improved performance, reduced risk of injury and shorter recovery time.

To be effective, a systematic approach is needed; one that combines various workout techniques such as athleticism, speed, agility, strength, and endurance. Weightlifting plays a major role in training, as it develops muscular power and strength. Plyometric exercises also help; they increase explosiveness, power, and quickness.

Weightlifting exercises like bench press, clean & jerk, and squats can also help with shooting accuracy. Research suggests that resistance training can improve shooting due to increased core stability and upper body strength.

Consistent training is essential for everyone aiming to level up their game. In-season workouts vary between players, but Olympic lifts and plyometric exercises can positively impact individual game performance, whilst reducing risk of injury.

The Role of Weight Training

Weight training is a central and essential part of an athlete’s fitness in the basketball world. NBA players realize the benefits of regular weight lifting to build strength and power in their bodies. Resistance training with weights boosts an athlete’s agility, balance, and stamina while reducing injury risk.

The weight training program for NBA players is a mix of compound and isolation exercises. Compound lifts, like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses, improve strength by working several muscles at once. Isolation moves, such as bicep curls and lateral raises, target individual muscles and improve their appearance. Additionally, plyometric exercises with explosive moves are sometimes included, boosting speed, agility, and athleticism.

Weight training also positively affects an NBA player’s psychology. Consistent weight training with visible results improves an athlete’s self-confidence, leading to better court performance. The feeling of control over their bodies that weight training gives boosts their control over their game, resulting in improved performance as well.

Weightlifting and Shooting Ability

NBA players lift weights to stay fit and reduce injuries. Does this also help with their shooting? Studies show that it can. Stronger upper body muscles and stability help a player control their movements and shoot better. Leg muscles that are strengthened improve balance and range of motion.

Weightlifting is not the only factor for shooting ability. Skill, technique, and mindset are also important. But weightlifting can help overall athleticism, which boosts shooting.

Standard Weightlifting Exercises for NBA Players NBA players prioritize physical training to improve their on-court performance. Weightlifting plays an important role. It helps build muscle strength, increases endurance, and increases flexibility.

Exercises like deadlifts, squats, bench press, lunges, and clean and jerk are included. Lower body exercises are key for quick movements, jumps, and jump shots. Upper body workouts also help with shooting accuracy and ball-handling abilities, strengthening the shoulders, arms, and chest. Standard weightlifting exercises form a fundamental part of the routine.

Specialized workouts also depend on the player’s position. Forwards and centers focus on lower body strength. Guards prioritize upper body strength. Plyometrics, yoga, and mobility drills help agility and prevent injuries. Weightlifting exercises are essential for NBA players as it helps build functional strength.

Resistance Training and Plyometrics NBA players regularly add resistance training and plyometrics to their fitness regimens.

Weightlifting helps build muscle mass, improving performance. Resistance training and plyometrics are done to increase power and explosiveness on the court. Resistance training involves lifting heavy weights and plyometrics involves quick and explosive movements.

Players also use cardio, mobility, and flexibility exercises for physical fitness and health. A strict diet plan, with lean proteins, veggies, and healthy fats, provides the necessary energy to optimize performance.

How Often do NBA Players Lift During the Season?

NBA players often weightlift two to three times a week during the season.

This can vary depending on team schedule and goals. To increase shooting, jumping and running skill, they may target certain body parts.

Also, rehabilitative exercises can prevent injury. Additionally, cardio exercises are essential. NBA players run, bike, or swim for endurance. With both weightlifting and cardio, they maintain strength, endurance, and performance. NBA Players’ In-Season Workout Regimen NBA players must stay fit to stay competitive in basketball.

So, they use a tailored in-season workout regimen. This includes skill-based workouts, conditioning drills, strength training, and plyometric exercises. Nutrition and rest are also important.

To aid recovery, they use massages, baths, and stretching. This helps them avoid injury and reduce soreness. Players keep experimenting with different techniques and regimens to achieve peak physical fitness.

This helps them perform well on the court and stand out in the highly competitive world of basketball. Combination of Physical Fitness and Skills Physical fitness and basketball proficiency are must-haves for NBA players.

The game needs a mix of strength, agility, coordination, and skills. To reach the necessary power and strength, NBA players lift weights. This helps improve speed, endurance, and muscle mass. It is vital to peak fitness.

Successful NBA players know the importance of physical fitness in their game. Without it, they can’t perform at their best.

So, weight training is part of their daily routine. It helps them stay in shape for the court.

Practicing basketball is also important

NBA players practice skills like footwork, passing accuracy, shooting, and ball handling. This helps them go up in the game. Through combining fitness and skill training, NBA players have earned their place as world’s best athletes. Advertising and Partnership with Reddit In the modern business world, advertising is key.


To summarize, weightlifting is an important part of NBA players’ training. Research has shown that players lift weights multiple times a week to enhance their strength, endurance, and performance.

This is especially true during the offseason when players focus on weightlifting to get ready for the upcoming season. What’s more, weightlifting has many advantages beyond physical strength.

These include better biomechanics, less risk of injury, and improved body composition. Although some players may prefer other forms of training, such as yoga or Pilates, most players understand that weightlifting is essential.

Moreover, there’s been more attention on functional training to reduce the chance of injury and aid recovery. NBA players practice basketball-specific movement skills, like lateral movements and jumping. In the end, weightlifting is just one portion of a complete training program that includes different forms of exercise to increase overall physical fitness.

Some Facts About How Often NBA Players Lift Weights:

✅ NBA players lift weights during the season to stay in shape and prevent injuries. (Source:
✅ Standard weightlifting exercises are included in NBA players’ training regimen. (Source:
✅ NBA players focus on exercises that improve their strength, speed, and agility. (Source:
✅ Resistance training and plyometrics may also be included in NBA players’ workouts. (Source:
✅ In-season basketball conditioning requires a combination of physical fitness and skills. (Source:

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