How Much Do NBA Cheerleaders Make? (Salary Guide)

Key Takeaways:

  • NBA cheerleaders receive a pay range of $50 to $150 per game and have a chance to earn more through bonuses and special events.
  • Veteran NBA cheerleaders can earn up to $400-$650 per game and may have opportunities to pursue modeling or public speaking engagements.
  • NBA cheerleading requires top physical fitness, regular practices, and game day responsibilities that demand high energy and enthusiasm to keep fans engaged.

Introduction to NBA cheerleaders and their role in game entertainment

NBA cheerleaders are an integral part of game entertainment and play a crucial role in boosting team spirit and engaging fans. In this section, we will explore the importance of NBA cheerleaders and their impact on the game’s overall atmosphere. Furthermore, we’ll discuss various skills, abilities, and academic requirements one must possess to become an NBA cheerleader.

Importance of NBA cheerleaders in boosting team spirit and engaging fans

NBA cheerleaders are integral to the game. They add vital spirit and energy to engage with fans. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and their vibrant outfits and ballet-like routines create an electric atmosphere. Cheerleaders keep the energy high with popular music, and get fans singing and dancing.

The impact of NBA cheerleaders can’t be understated. They give essential support to their teams, during timeouts or breaks in the game. Plus, they create a sense of community among fans, transcending age, gender and more.

It’s tough being an NBA cheerleader. There’s hard work both physically and mentally. Fitness and skills are key to flawless performances. Communication skills are needed to interact with fans and represent their teams. Plus, they may have to travel for special events.

To sum up, NBA cheerleaders are essential in the game’s entertainment. They boost team spirit, engage fans with their enthusiasm and represent their teams with professionalism and dedication.

Skills and requirements for becoming an NBA cheerleader

Do you dream of becoming an NBA cheerleader? You must have an outgoing personality and great communication skills. Athletic ability is also key, as demanding dance routines require flexibility, coordination, strength and agility. Working as a team is also important.

You must be over 18 and have a High School diploma. A college degree is helpful but not required. Cheerleading experience is beneficial, but not necessary. It takes dedication and hard work to become an NBA cheerleader. Before the season starts, training camps are attended to prepare for games.

Attend the NBA dancer auditions every year or few years to refine your dancing skills. The standing committee monitors fitness level, dance routine presentation and performance on the spot challenges. You must do well in all areas to move on to further rounds of auditions. If you make it, the joy and thrill of making a difference to your team’s success is priceless.

NBA cheerleader pay scale

NBA cheerleaders are an integral part of any basketball game – bringing energy and enthusiasm to fans, players, and coaches alike. In this section, we will explore the pay scale for NBA cheerleaders, examining the pay range these performers receive per game, along with the earning potential for veteran cheerleaders.

Additionally, we will delve into the various bonuses and stipends available for NBA cheerleaders who participate in special events and championship games.

Pay range for NBA cheerleaders per three-hour game

NBA cheerleaders are very important in providing entertainment during games. They get paid differently depending on the team they work for, their years of experience and bonuses/stipends. The table below has the average pay range per game for NBA cheerleaders based on different sources:

TeamAverage Pay range per Game
Lakers$130 – $200
Knicks$75 – $125
Rockets$50 – $75
Warriors$75 – $100

Experienced NBA cheerleaders can make more than the average pay range in the table. For special events like All-Star games or playoffs, the compensation packages differ.

Being an NBA cheerleader is hard work. You need to have the right physical activity and stick to a serious fitness regimen. But it’s a popular job and provides chances for growth in dance, modeling, public speaking and networking, which can help you get ahead.

Veteran cheerleaders’ earning potential

When it comes to NBA cheerleaders, veterans have a chance to earn higher pay. Their skills and experience are valuable to the team. For example, they have honed dance routines that uplift fan spirits. They also have great public speaking skills.

Some teams offer rewards for loyalty, like bonuses and endorsements. Networking opportunities are also key to improve their earning potential. These can include building relationships with management and supporting community initiatives. This helps raise the profile of veteran cheerleaders, and increases their earning potential.

Bonuses and stipends for special events and championship games

NBA cheerleaders receive various bonuses and stipends for their outstanding performances. They’re invited to different events, like charity functions, corporate events and media appearances to make extra money. Plus, if the team wins the finals, they get championship rings! Sometimes, cheerleaders may even get money for traveling or per diem.

Teams also provide uniforms and accessories to complete the look. Senior cheerleaders are given better packages than the juniors. The pay scales for cheerleaders differ between teams. But, they all offer bonuses and stipends for special events and championships. NBA dance teams have varied payment scales depending on the market or city. Applicants must go through an audition process before they’re hired.

Working hours and job demands of NBA cheerleaders

NBA cheerleading is an exciting career, but it requires extreme dedication and hard work. In this section, we’ll discuss the rigorous demands of being an NBA cheerleader including work schedules, tasks, and responsibilities. We’ll also learn about the physical and fitness requirements NBA cheerleaders must meet to perform at an elite level.

Typical schedule and responsibilities of an NBA cheerleader

NBA Cheerleaders have a huge part in game entertainment. They have to have certain talents like dancing, athleticism, and charm. Even though the roles and duties of NBA cheerleaders may differ from team to team, some remain the same.

Usually, they have one home game each week. They prepare their moves and sync them with music with the whole squad. On game-day, they perform before the game, cheers and dance numbers during time-outs, and an end-of-game show.

Also, cheerleaders sometimes attend events or meet-and-greet sessions with fans. Plus, they must stay physically fit for intense show routines.

All-in-all, being a cheerleader is hard. They must balance training, as well as extra appearances like modeling and speaking engagements.

Physical demands and fitness requirements for NBA cheerleaders

NBA cheerleaders have an arduous job. They need agility, flexibility, and grace to perform dance routines and stunts with energy throughout the game. Thus, remaining active and healthy is essential for them.

They should be proficient in various dance styles such as jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, and ballet. Also, they must be able to quickly adapt to different music genres. Strength and conditioning training are also necessary for NBA cheerleaders. They have to do regular workouts that include cardio exercises for endurance and strength training for bodyweight stability. Moreover, following strict dietary plans is a must to keep their physical health in check.

The job of NBA cheerleaders can come with more difficulties, depending on the weather of the place they perform in. For instance, the costumes may not provide enough coverage when doing outdoor games in cold climates. Also, performing indoors under bright lights can be sweaty and uncomfortable. To tackle this, some venues provide resting areas during halftime or timeouts.

In conclusion, NBA cheerleaders must have fitness, dance skills, and strength training to meet the job’s requirements. They must be adaptable, energetic, and graceful to do dance routines and stunts throughout the games. Additionally, they must have an active, healthy lifestyle including workout sessions and strict diets.

Other opportunities for NBA cheerleaders

Many may be surprised to know that NBA cheerleaders have opportunities beyond just dancing and cheering. In this section, we’ll uncover two of the most lucrative opportunities available to NBA cheerleaders:

  1. Modeling
  2. Public speaking engagements

These opportunities come with the networking and career advancement potential that comes with being part of the NBA cheerleading community. With more than half of NBA teams offering cheerleading squads, these opportunities are accessible to many talented cheerleaders.

Modeling and public speaking engagements

NBA cheerleaders have a job with more than just game days. They have chances to do modeling and talk in public. This can bring extra money and help them to be known. Cheerleaders become ambassadors for their team and take part in community activities, making public speaking a vital part of their role.

Plus, cheerleaders may do photo shoots, fashion shows, and promotions. These chances can lead to better jobs in entertainment or modeling.

Remember, these extra opportunities are not always available. To get them, cheerleaders must do well in games and be professional both on and off the court.

Networking and career advancement potential

Cheerleaders and dancers hold many networking and career advancement chances. After retirement, some become models, actors, or speakers. Others become choreographers or judges for dance contests.

To get better at their craft and meet other professionals, they can go to workshops and conferences. They can learn from experts in the industry. These connections may result in future employment opportunities. It’s evident that the sky is the limit for cheerleaders and dancers!

Comparison of NBA dancer pay scales in different markets and cities

When it comes to being an NBA dancer, the pay scale can vary widely depending on the market and city. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the highest and lowest paying teams for NBA dancers, as well as explore the bonuses and earnings potential for those in this profession. Get ready to discover the financial realities of being an NBA cheerleader.

Highest paying teams for NBA dancers

NBA dancers’ pay can differ a lot, depending on various things. But, some teams are known for paying more. Like The Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, and Chicago Bulls. They may give up to $200 per game, plus extra bonuses.

The New York Knicks are also high-paying. They’ve attracted lots of talent recently.

Teams that get to playoffs or win championships usually pay more. Since demand and revenue from dancers’ appearances go up.

Pay is not the only thing that counts. Factors like team size, market size, audience demographic, competition, and ownership priorities can also affect pay.

High-paying teams may also require other duties. Like community programs, rehearsals, promotions, media, and even travel away from games.

Lowest paying teams for NBA dancers

NBA dancers are vital for creating and boosting the lively atmosphere during basketball games. Still, the salaries for NBA cheerleaders differ greatly from team to team. Examples include: Memphis Grizzlies, Philadelphia 76ers, Sacramento Kings, and Detroit Pistons. These teams are known for offering far lower pay, ranging from around $60 to $80 per game.

These teams may also have strict requirements and tough auditions, making it hard for dancers to join. Nevertheless, being an NBA dancer offers many networking possibilities and paths for career growth in the entertainment industry. For instance, dancers may receive public speaking or modeling offers, which can add to their income.

Overall, even though some teams offer lower wages, being an NBA dancer remains a desirable and thrilling career choice for lots of talented people.

Bonuses and earnings potential for NBA dancers

Want to be an NBA dancer? You can gain bonuses and get higher pay! If you show great performance or attend special events, you can get bonuses. Plus, if you make it to the championship or playoffs, you’ll be eligible for a stipend.

And if you stick with a team for many years, you could get higher pay due to your experience and loyalty. This is great if you want a long-term career with dance.

You can also get networking opportunities and open doors for career advancement. Being an NBA dancer gives you access to high-profile events and people in the entertainment industry. This could lead to modeling or public speaking gigs, which means more money for you.

Love dancing? Becoming an NBA dancer could be a great way to combine your passion and make a fulfilling, lucrative career.

The extensive dance and audition process for becoming an NBA dancer

Becoming an NBA dancer is no easy feat – with an extensive dance and audition process, only the best make the cut. In this section, we’ll look at the requirements and expectations for those coveted NBA dancer roles, as well as tips for acing the audition process and standing out from the crowd.

Requirements and expectations for NBA dancers

NBA dancers must meet certain requirements and expectations before they can join a team. This includes a rigorous audition process.

Physical fitness is also key. They must stay fit to perform athletic routines and dance choreography for long periods of time. Plus, they need experience in various dance styles such as jazz, ballet, hip hop, and contemporary dance. As well as experience performing in front of live audiences.

Professionalism is a must. They must behave, dress, and communicate in a professional manner.

Also, they must bring energy and enthusiasm to the court. And, may even be asked to participate in charitable events or promotional appearances.

Those auditioning must understand the criteria to maximize their chances of success and contribute to a positive atmosphere.

Tips for acing an NBA dancer audition

To become an NBA dancer, you need to know the skills and requirements. Show confidence and enthusiasm. Adaptability is key. You must have physical prowess and strength. Grace under pressure is essential and professionalism is needed. Be creative and bring your unique strengths. Know that hard work and dedication are necessary. Put in the effort and practice. Maintain physical form with workouts and healthy eating. These tips can help you ace an NBA dancer audition.


To wrap it up, NBA cheerleader and dancer requirements and pay can vary a lot from team to team. From minimum wage to $65,000 annually, income depends on experience, team, and location. Even though it is not a high-paying job, it can lead to other entertainment industry chances.

To become an NBA cheerleader or dancer, you need to have amazing physical fitness and dance skills. A lot of teams need years of dance and cheerleading experience. Also, they have challenging auditions with physical tests and choreography. It is also expected from them to be team representatives and role models both on and off the court.

A special part of being an NBA cheerleader or dancer is the travel requirements. Many teams travel for games and events and cheerleaders and dancers must be available for all of them. This could be a big commitment, but it gives the opportunity to travel and network.

To be an NBA cheerleader or dancer, dedication, hard work, and a passion for dance and cheerleading are essential. In spite of the difficulties, this career path can be rewarding and a great way to enter the entertainment industry.

Five Facts About How Much Do NBA Cheerleaders Make:

  • ✅ NBA cheerleaders can earn between $75 and $150 per three-hour game. (Source: Langley Rams)
  • ✅ Cheerleaders practice for about eight hours per week and get paid around $30 per session. (Source: Langley Rams)
  • ✅ Some veteran NBA cheerleaders can earn $400-$650 per game. (Source: Langley Rams)
  • ✅ NBA cheerleaders are typically paid a stipend per game, with more earned for championship games and special events. (Source: Chron)
  • ✅ Despite the low salary, NBA cheerleaders get to attend charity events and may work as models or public speakers. (Source: Team Research)


How much do NBA cheerleaders make?

NBA cheerleaders typically earn between $75 and $150 per game, with some veteran cheerleaders earning $400-$650 per game. They also get paid around $30 per session for their eight-hour per week practices and may receive bonuses for appearing in special events. Despite the low salary, the job comes with a lot of perks.

What is the NBA cheerleader salary?

The median wage for dancers in spectator sports, including NBA cheerleaders, is $14.58. NBA cheerleaders are typically paid a stipend per game, with more earned for championship games and special events.

How much do NBA dancers make?

The pay for NBA dancers varies depending on the market and city they work in. They can make anywhere from $200 to $650 per game, plus bonuses. Dancers in bigger markets and cities generally earn more, with the New York Knicks and Atlanta Hawks paying their dancers the most at $650 per night. Meanwhile, the Minnesota Timberwolves, Chicago Bulls, OKC Thunder, and Orlando Magic pay their dancers the least at $200 to $250 per game. Teams that pay more per game also give bigger bonuses.

What are the job requirements for NBA cheerleaders?

The only education requirement for becoming an NBA cheerleader is proficiency in dance. A background in dance and fitness is helpful. Candidates need to go through auditions to become an NBA dancer or cheerleader. They should have an extensive background in dance and may be required to perform technical routines.

What perks do NBA cheerleaders receive?

Besides the opportunity to perform in front of large audiences, NBA cheerleaders may work as models or public speakers and attend charity events. They may also receive free game tickets, team merchandise, and discounts on team gear. However, they are usually independent employees and do not receive official employee benefits.

Why do NBA teams hire cheerleaders?

NBA cheerleaders bring pizzazz and energy to basketball games, making them more exciting for fans. They also perform at charity events and community functions to market their team.

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