What is a Double Rim Basketball Hoop? (+ Tips to Score)

Basketball is not only played by professionals. It is also the favorite pastime of many people around the world.

That is why it’s common to see basketball courts around every corner – especially if it is a basketball state or country.

So, what exactly is the double rim basketball hoop, and why do they exist?

Double rim basketball hoops are initially designed for overall durability to avoid immediate wear and tear and bending compared to their single rim counterpart. However, due to its rim thickness, shooting the ball is more challenging and will require a better shot angle.

Now, let’s learn more about why exactly this hoop exists.

What is a Double Rim Basketball Hoop?

Closeup of a basketball hoop

Double rim basketball hoops have two rims – one rim on top of the other – giving them a thicker and taller height compared to their single-rimmed counterparts.

They are more durable, so replacing them takes longer. These basketball hoops are commonly found on playgrounds, especially on open courts.

Though there are advantages of using double rim hoops, there are also disadvantages that we will discuss later.

What is the Purpose of a Double Rim Basketball Hoop?

Double rim basketball hoops were not intended to increase the game’s difficulty.

It was initially designed to be the more durable alternative for the single rim basketball hoops that are more frequently replaced due to wear and tear and heavy usage, primarily through dunks and misses.

What are the Disadvantages of a Double Rim Basketball Hoop?

1. It can be harder to shoot the ball

Though the double rim basketball hoops indirectly build shooting skills for players who usually play in them, it is a different story for first timers. Shooting on double rim basketball hoops is harder to get used to and may impact your game.

Low-arching shots don’t stand a chance on double rim hoops and will have to be modified if you want to succeed. Even layups are more challenging because of the sheer thickness of the rim.

2. Using the backboard is frustrating

Playing in double rim basketball hoops can be frustrating for players who love playing the basketball fundamentals (similar to the game of Tim Duncan) where the backboard is your best friend.

The common shot angles that usually come through for single-rim hoops don’t work as expected, and players will have to shoot straight to the rim or ‘swish.’

3. Higher initial cost

Though double rim basketball hoops are durable, they usually cost higher than the single rim. You’ll need to invest a higher initial cost during purchase. But you don’t need to worry since its durability will pay off eventually.

What are the Advantages of a Double Rim Basketball Hoop?

A double rim basketball hoop

1. It is durable

The main advantage of double rim basketball hoops is their durability. They are less prone to typical wear-and-tear damage that accumulates after frequent usage and intense pressure exerted by players. The double rim hoops are also better for dunking than their single rim counterparts.

2. It is more cost-efficient than single rims

Due to their natural durability, the double rim basketball hoops last longer and will not need to be replaced as often as single-rim hoops.

3. It is better for outdoor use

Double rim basketball hoops are better used on outdoor basketball courts where changing weather like extreme heat or cold can increase the deterioration of the ring. Frequent rains can also increase the rusting that usually destroys less durable basketball hoops.

4. They force you to shoot better shots

An indirect effect of playing in double rim basketball hoops is it forces players to perfect their jump shots by shooting at a higher angle than usual. It may be frustrating at first, and it may take some time to get a better shot, but it will eventually go in.

Players will also need to develop a better shooting touch and spin on the ball to shoot a higher percentage in double-rim hoops.

5. You will have more time to practice rebounding the ball

Since shooing the ball in double rim basketball hoops is typically more challenging, the ball will come out often and result in misses. These misses can develop players to have a better ‘nose’ for the ball that is incredibly useful when rebounding.

Is a Double Rim Harder to Play in than Regular Hoops?

The general answer is yes. Double rim basketball hoops make shooting the ball more difficult because their rim height is twice the regular hoop. This height difference also forces players to shoot the ball with a higher arc than one would usually do in a regular hoop.

The backboard is also not as friendly as expected since the ball tends to bounce differently.

But if we look at it, sometimes, we need a little more challenge to improve our game.

Does the NBA Use Double Rim Hoops?

Yes, the NBA as with most professional basketball leagues worldwide now use double hoops. They’re a bit different from the double hoops that you see in courts outside.

That’s because the NBA’s hoops appear to be a single hoop but upon closer look, you’ll see that they have two rims attached together.

They use double hoops so it can withstand even the most powerful dunks from NBA players. But in turn, this makes it harder to shoot than with a single hoop which is a testament to the shooting skills of their players.

4 Effective Tips to Master the Double Rim Basketball Hoop

Basketball going into a double rim hoop

1. Increase your shooting arc

The main difficulty of playing in double rim hoops is the thickness of the rim which requires a higher arching shot than what is usually used in single rim hoops. So, if you’re playing with a double rim, increase your shooting arc.

Players who shoot a flatter arc can practice increasing their shooting angle by taking shots closer to the rim and gradually increasing their distance.

2. Always aim for a swish

Shooting in double rims is joked to be either a swish or a brick. So, like increasing your shooting arc, aim to shoot the ball without touching the net. You’ll hear the *swish* when you do.

3. Find ways to use the backboard

Imagine Tim Duncan not using the backboard – that isn’t easy to think about. So, if you’re accustomed to shooting the ball with the backboard, you must find the right angles to hit.

4. Practice a soft touch during layups

Think of double rims as a level higher than single rims. Even the simple layup may need some fine-tuning. When aiming for layups, you’ll need to release the ball with a softer touch so that you may avoid bouncing the ball.


Double rim basketball hoops are designed for their durability and not for the complexity of play.

While playing basketball with double rims can be frustrating, it can eventually train you to develop a smoother shooting stroke. On the other hand, misses can turn you into a better rebounder.

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