What Does And One Mean in Basketball? Full Guide

Basketball is somewhat intense, dramatic, and very ecstatic when our ultimate idol has a chance to make a free throw. Today’s blog post will teach the basketball term about these unexpected circumstances.

It is a technical basketball term that refers to a situation in which a basketball player is fouled while shooting and receives one free throw in addition to the points scored. There are two types such as a 3-point and a 4-point play.

What Does ‘And One’ Mean in Basketball?

This remark is generally heard and said aloud by the referee and other players if you are watching a basketball game.

So what is an ‘and one’?

A referee best uses this basketball phrase to express when an offensive basketball player is fouled while shooting.

With an ‘and one,’ the player makes the shot and is given one free throw. The term is self explanatory as it literally means plus one.

Two Types Of ‘And Ones’ (3-point and 4-point plays)

Free throw in basketball

The types of ‘And Ones’ are shown below:

1. Three-point Play

In basketball, the term “and one” is commonly referred to as a three-point play.

Others referred to it as the “old-fashioned” three-pointer.

According to several basketball pros, the term “old-fashioned” three-pointer was created before using the three-point line (the 1960s in pro basketball and 1980s in collegiate basketball) since no one can score three points in a single shot.

2. Four-point Plays

The 4-point play is another type of ‘and one.’ This is more dramatic than a 3-point play, especially when time is running out and the basketball team needs to hustle and devise a strategy to get this 4-point play and chase down the opponent’s score.

For example, one of the most iconic 4-point plays in NBA history occurred during the 1999 Playoffs between the New York Knicks and the Indiana Pacers.

This game took place in Madison Square Garden, which is recognized as the basketball mecca, which adds to the magic of the basketball 4-point play.

How To Do The ‘And One’?

The steps in doing the ‘and one’ are as follows:

The ball must go into the basket when the referee calls a foul.

The and-one should be in a shooting position as whistled on the ground by the basketball player getting a shot. It should be noted that offensive fouls will not result in one-and-one chances, and no free throws will be granted.

Initiate contact but do not demand a foul.

This strategy performs one of two factors. Since you don’t anticipate any calls from the ref, your thoughts take over. Rather than establishing contact first and then shooting, you should focus on the shot.

Consider leaving draw fouls to the professionals.

As a competent player, you should not be greedy in making an ‘and one’ for yourself. Though there are basketball players that intentionally draw contact, it is not a good idea to adopt their tactics.

Why Do Players Yell ‘And One’?

Not only are referees heard yelling out the ‘and one,’ but so are the basketball players. After being fouled on a scored basket, the players will request a free throw.

This is one of the players’ clever methods of reprimanding the referee for overlooking the call, even though the foul was not called.

Even if the shooter is aware that their shot was unsuccessful, you may hear their teammate exclaim, “and one.” Furthermore, this basketball phrase conveys dramatic and emotional behaviours such as arrogance and moral indignation.

Best Tips to Score ‘And Ones’ In Basketball

If you plan to make an ‘and one’ in the game, the following are some pointers to keep in mind. To make a ‘and one,’ you need to have some of these exceptional skills and abilities as a basketball player:

An ‘and one’ demands even greater strength.

Basketball players require greater strength than the average person. For example, you must shoot the ball while being fouled by the defender.

You’ll need a lot of muscle power since you’ll be guarding the ball against your opponent with your arms, legs, and hands while shooting for a shot near the basket. This is one of the abilities you must possess.

An ‘and one’ should be a combination of accuracy and twitch reflexes.

This means that you must be accurate and have strong hand-eye coordination to make a good shot.

Having these two vital talents would undoubtedly aid your teammates in making a decent shot. If you lack these two abilities, you may miss a shot and an and one.

An ‘and one’ involves more determination.

As a basketball player, you should strive to outperform your opponent. You’re considering drawing a foul on your defender.

For example, by making two foul shots for your team, you should be able to add a foul to their total (5 in amateur basketball and 6 in professional basketball).

Having an ‘and one’ takes it to the next step since you are drawing a foul and surviving in the game long enough to make an even more difficult shot after being fouled.

Nba Players With the Most ‘And Ones’

The following are some well-known basketball players who have made 4-point plays in NBA history:

NBA PlayerTeam4-Point Play
Jamal CrawfordGolden State Warriors47
JJ RedickPhiladelphia 76ers25
Reggie MillerIndiana Pacers23
Kobe BryantLos Angeles Lakers17
Stephen CurryGolden State Warriors15


Now that you know what ‘and one’ means in basketball, you should be able to use it whenever you play with your colleagues, friends, or family when playing basketball.

This phrase encourages not only the audience or fans but also their coach and teammates because it offers them hope of winning the title.

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